How to block promotional SMSes

All you have to do is reply to the sender’s SMS with the word STOP, or you can view all recent messages sent to your mobile via our gateway by entering your mobile number here. We’ll be able to tell you who has messaged you in the last 14 days, and you’ll be able to block the offending user from messaging you again.

A note for those sending promotional SMSes:

As part of our best practice guidelines, we advise all of our customers to offer an easy way for their contacts to opt-out from receiving SMS communications. In most cases, a message recipient would be able to reply to an SMS with a simple STOP request.

In countries where BulkSMS enables replies, our system automatically processes any STOP requests and will prevent you from sending any further SMS messages to recipients who have opted out from your database.

In countries where the message recipient cannot reply STOP to your SMSes, you will need to add a link to your outgoing SMS which, when clicked on, takes the message recipient to the BulkSMS Stop Page. Find out more about automatic opt-outs here.