Four ways to use SMS for shift management

Managing shifts, monitoring attendance, confirming last minute schedule changes - all of this takes time. In many cases, shift management can be tedious and stressful. Which is exactly why including SMS in your communication funnel is an effective way to streamline shift management and make your job easier!

Wondering how? We’ve outlined 4 ways SMS is being used as an essential shift management tool.

To schedule shifts

Do you need to send out weekly or monthly shift rosters quickly and reliably? SMS is the perfect choice. Whether you want to send group SMSes to all of your employees with the schedule attached, or you’d like to include a link to your shift management software, SMS is the ideal delivery mechanism.

To fill understaffed shifts

There are always last-minute changes when it comes to shift management. SMS is instant which means that you can send a short SMS asking if someone can fill a shift and you can get a response within minutes. This is particularly useful when working with volunteers or ad-hoc shift workers. Take a look at how SSCBB in the UK is using text to help organise their volunteer rosters.

To automate shift management

Using our API, you can SMS enable your website, CRM or application and automate your shift management communications. Three Rings, an online volunteer management system, has SMS enabled their system using the BulkSMS API. There’s no reason you can’t do the same.

To send shift reminders

Are no-shows or late-starts a problem for your team? Why not use SMS to send quick reminders to your team an hour or two before their shift starts.

Shift management doesn’t have to be a tedious task! If you’re using the right tools, like SMS, it can be streamlined and simple. Saving you time, money and resources. If you like to find out more about our products, click here, or read some of our client stories to find out more about how they are using SMS.