Using SMS for business messaging

Even though vets prefer to work with animals, they still need to communicate with humans to ensure that their practice runs smoothly and that their furry patients receive the care they need.

We’ve put together a quick read sharing a few simple ways SMS is being used by veterinary practices to improve processes and streamline communications with the humans that belong to their patients:

Appointment reminders

SMS reminders are sent the day before, and the day of a consultation. This helps reduce the number of missed appointments. Schedule the SMSes and make sure the patients don’t miss their time slot.

Invoice reminders

Veterinary practices are sending invoices and payment reminders via SMS. These messages are sent automatically as part of the billing process, or on an ad hoc basis.

Personalised pet care tips

Grooming tips, oral hygiene advice, vaccine reminders, parasite prevention guidelines - SMS is being used to send important information and advice regarding pet care. You can segment or personalise your sends based on the type of animal your customer has, or even what products they buy.

Test results

Test results may not need to be explained in person. These results can and are being sent quickly and reliably via SMS directly to the pet owners. And in cases where the pet needs further care, or needs to be admitted overnight, SMS is also used to let the owner know what time would be best to bring in or fetch their furry friend.

SMS is an extremely versatile tool, which is why it is being used to send notifications and reminders of all kinds. Using BulkSMS, you can add attachments and links to your SMSes to promote upcoming events or latest pet products, sales on products, or just to wish your customers (or their pets) a happy birthday. And if you’ve got a CRM in place, you can integrate our API to automate your communications and keep your customers in the loop at all times.

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