8 Ways SMS Makes Human Resources More Effective

Communication is an integral part of any HR department’s daily activities. From recruitment and contracts, to payroll and employee management; HR needs to constantly communicate with all staff. Keeping all staff members in the loop can be a time consuming and costly exercise. Many HR professionals have turned to a simple solution, SMS, to keep their teams up to date and informed.

Why SMS? Well, not only is SMS available on all mobile phones, but it also allows for quick, instant communication directly to all staff. Let’s take a look at the top 8 ways SMS is helping HR departments around the globe to communicate effectively:

1. SMS for recruitment

For HR departments trying to reach out to job seekers, SMS is the ideal candidate! SMS solutions can be used to communicate with job seekers about vacancies, follow-ups, or interview reminders.

2. SMS for on-boarding of new employees

Use SMS to facilitate two-way communication between the new employee and the HR department. To make new employees feel welcome and informed, send SMS messages to them on their first day. These welcoming messages could include anything from how to access the company intranet to where to get the best coffee.

3. SMS regarding Employee Schedules

If the nature of your business includes creating weekly or monthly employee schedules, SMS is the ideal tool. You are able to send these schedules to all the employees quickly and efficiently. It also allows employees to reply directly to the message to point out any conflicts or discrepancies on their schedules. In cases where last minute call-outs are needed, SMS offers an instant solution to contacting a number of employees at once.

4. SMS for payroll

Most HR departments deal with countless payroll queries. To avoid the time spent answering phone calls or scheduling meetings, use SMS to verify leave or resolve any queries quickly. SMS also allows for a “paper trail” which can be stored and reviewed if necessary.

5. SMS for important announcements

To avoid overcrowded noticeboards and holding unnecessary meetings, send SMS messages to all employees. These SMS messages communicate anything from benefit updates to job openings, policy renewals and monthly company goals.

6. SMS for reminders

Send SMS reminders to individuals or segmented groups of employees to avoid no-shows, missed training sessions or missed deadlines. Reminders about company events, meetings and approaching deadlines can easily and effectively be communicated.

7. SMS for opt-in groups

Give employees the option to join certain distribution lists or broadcasting groups by making use of opt-in features like SMS keywords. For example, in some regions, staff can send a designated keyword like “HEALTH” if they want to receive SMS notifications about recent health trends or company initiatives.

8. SMS surveys

Getting feedback from staff about their needs or wants is vital to maintaining a healthy company morale. Send surveys via SMS to gain valuable insights and make the necessary changes to improve the company culture.

No matter the size of the company, HR plays an important role in communicating company processes and procedures. Without an effective and reliable communication solution, HR could waste unnecessary time and effort. SMS aids HR staff in streamlining their communications with existing and potential staff ensuring that everybody remains informed, included and updated at all times.