As Covid-19 continues to keep certain restrictions in place, many people are choosing to avoid public spaces wherever possible. This means that many grocers and food retailers have had less feet through their doors than usual. But to keep up with the demand and the changing times, online shopping and automated processes have quickly become the new norm. And SMS is playing a pivotal part in its success.

SMS is a simple technology that can be integrated into almost any online application, creating the perfect solution to streamline in-store processes and communicate with customers.

The possibilities are endless! All you need to do is create an account and start sending.

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Check out these resources on how and where SMS can be used to keep your doors open:

Remote Monitoring

SMS is now proving to be a valuable tool in the monitoring of in-store systems and processes.

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This Finnish company is using SMS to ensure their customers have a great experience from purchase through to delivery.

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SMS enables retailers to communicate reliably, sending targeted information to the right customers at the right time.

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One Account, Many Ways to Send.

Enhance Security

Two-factor authentication is a reliable and trusted solution used in e-commerce to ensure customers feel safe.

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SMS enable your website, customer management system or point of sales application using our REST API.

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Send Attachments

Send PDF’s, invoices, order confirmations or promotional material using our Desktop App.

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