Transactional SMS

A transactional SMS is typically an automated SMS message sent in response to an event or action triggered by a customer. Banks provide a great example of transactional messaging in action. They send one-time pins to their clients making purchases or wanting to access their accounts online. There are many other instances where transactional SMSes are being used to improve processes, like account activations, booking confirmations, order confirmations, account balance notifications, and real-time alerts.

What makes using SMS for transactional notifications so effective? The answer lies in the very nature of text messages and it is why so many businesses are using transactional messages to streamline their processes.

What Makes Transactional SMS so Effective?

They are time-sensitive: Because transactional SMSes are automated, they allow for the prompt delivery of important information. This means that SMSes can be sent instantly in response to a predetermined trigger without the need for any manual input.

They improve customer engagement: Transactional SMSes are more than just notifications or alerts, they help establish a reliable communication channel between businesses and their clients. A client who receives regular updates about an important delivery is a client who feels valued and comfortable using your services.

They are reliable: According to Mobile Marketing Watch, over 98% of SMSes are opened. SMS is one of the most effective platforms available for communicating with customers.

Availability: SMS comes as a standard feature on all mobile phones around the world, which makes it the perfect solution for businesses to communicate important information to clients who don’t have regular access to data.

Examples of transactional SMS:

Other than the examples listed above, we have many clients using transactional SMSes for other reasons. Some of these include:

My Gadget Repairs has created an SMS integration that allows store managers to send automated notifications and alerts to their customers, staff, and suppliers directly from the MGR software. Their use of transactional SMS keeps their customers up-to-date on the progress of their repairs and it allows for a more streamlined in-store process between the staff and the suppliers.

Service and Technique S.A., a Swiss company specializing in digital solutions have integrated SMS into their cloud-based software which monitors HVAC systems. Their integration enables alerts to be sent to technicians whenever there is an issue that needs urgent attention.

FlySafair has integrated SMS into their online reservation platform which sends automated SMSes to their customers when a booking is made or if there is a change in the flight schedule. Their use of transactional SMS enables time-critical communication with their passengers.

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