SMS in the Hospitality Industry

Imagine this scenario. You’re waiting at the airport for a flight that has been delayed. You’re hungry, tired and all you want is to get to your hotel room, eat a hearty meal and relax. Then, you receive a text message from your hotel apologising for the inconvenience caused by the late flight and asking what meal you would like ready for you when you arrive. This may sound like a luxury service to most, but it is a perfect example of how a simple SMS can and is being used to transform customer service within the hospitality industry.

We’ve got some other great examples of how SMS is being used to improve customer service:

1. Booking notifications

Automated real-time SMS notifications are sent to guests confirming their bookings and detailing other valuable information like check-in and check-out times.

SMSes are sent to every guest upon arrival, sharing important information like mealtimes, room service details, things to do etc.

3. Opt-in service

Give your guests the chance to opt-in to receive SMS notifications about activities happening at the hotel or resort. For example, when a live band is performing or when a day tour is scheduled.

4. Two-way communication

Looking to minimise phone calls between staff and guests? Hotels around the world are using SMS to facilitate two-way communication between the guests and the hotel concierge service.

5. Feedback requests

One of the best ways to improve your customer service is to find out exactly what your customers would like you to improve. SMS messages are sent to each guest when they leave, thanking them for their stay and requesting feedback.

6. Internal communication

SMS messages are also being used for effective internal staff communication. From shift reminders, to urgent notifications, SMS is the perfect tool to disseminate important information to groups of people quickly and reliably.

Whether offering quality customer service or organising staff, communication within the hospitality industry needs to be reliable, convenient and accessible to all. SMS is cost-effective, instant and personal; making it the ideal solution to help keep your guests happy and your business running smoothly.