5 Ways to use a Mobi-gram

We know that SMS is a great channel for getting short and important communications instantly to your customers. But did you know that you can include even more detailed info in that same SMS? Information like PDFs, event invites, invoices or even catalogues.

That’s exactly what the Mobi-gram was made for! With a Mobi-gram, you can deliver branded content straight into the hands of your customers. Think branded marketing campaigns, interactive questionnaires, digital flyers, invoices, and even landing pages. And once your campaign is sent, you can track the open rates using the built-in analytics, meaning that you’ll know exactly who has seen important documents like payment statements, contracts and invoices, so you can give them an extra nudge if need be.

What makes the Mobi-gram such a popular choice is that you can do all of this without the need for a developer or website designer. Here are some of the ways that Mobi-grams are being used by our clients:

Race Day Information & Promotions

The Castle Triathlon Series uses the Mobi-gram to enhance their communication with the race competitors. Apart from sending race day information, they also send promotional Mobi-gram messages for ‘Black Triday’. This campaign runs in conjunction with Black Friday and offers athletes the opportunity to enter the race at a reduced cost.

Castel Tri Mobi-gram

PDFs and Invoices

Dentfin uses Mobi-grams to send invoices and statements as PDF attachments. By doing this, they can make sure that their patients receive their statements and that payments are made on time. According to them, sending a PDF via SMS has proven to be far more effective than emailing statements to the patients.

Property Alerts

We have a few real estate agents that use Mobi-grams to enhance their messages to their clients. Some send pictures of houses, some send a location and directions to the viewing site, and some even send brochures full of information about their services. Mobi-grams help them to showcase their services and property listings in a way that is trackable and visually appealing to potential buyers.

Programmes and Event Details

The International Conference on Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals held in New Zealand uses the Mobi-gram as a green-solution! To reduce their carbon footprint, they send event programmes to their delegates with all the information needed, helping them achieve their goal of becoming an entirely paperless event.

Stonehurst Mountain Estate uses Mobi-grams to create visual event invitations and reminders. Not only do the Mobi-gram messages inform residents about upcoming events, but they also link residents to ticket sales and booking confirmations.

A Mobi-gram is as simple and effective as an SMS, just with the added creativity and visual impact of a web page. They are free to add to any SMS and are very easy to use. If you’d like to start sending Mobi-grams, download the BulkSMS Text Messenger today or send us an email with your mobile number and we’ll send you an example Mobi-gram.