Managing & improving organisational efficiency with SMS

We all know that there are 24 hours in a day and of those, only 8 hours are considered acceptable ‘working hours’. But many times, staff at community organisations and SMEs end up putting in 10 hour, even 12 hour days to get the job done. There are many reasons why, but they all boil down to one thing: limited resources. Whether it’s manpower, budget, tools or hours in the day, there never seem to be enough.

So, what can organisations that find themselves with these challenges do? The simple answer is they need to work smarter. They need to save money and make the most of the hours they have in the day by using reliable and cost-effective tools - tools that minimise manual tasks and reduce the need for a larger workforce.

An SMS platform is one of those tools that can help companies and community organisations to cut costs and limit time-consuming admin tasks. Here’s how:

Automate Notifications

With technology evolving and so many ways to store data online, more and more organisations are turning to platforms and software to help with contact management. In most cases, these platforms are built in a way that can talk to – or integrate with - one another. By using an SMS API, companies can automate their SMS sends to be triggered when something changes on the contact’s profile. For instance, if an invoice is raised the contact will automatically be notified, or a pre-set message can be triggered when a new contact is added, or an appointment is confirmed. With an SMS API the possibilities are literally endless. You can take a look at the platforms we integrate with, here.

And if automation isn’t for you, then here are some other ways:

Schedule Messages

Prepare your weekly or monthly communications in advance and schedule them to go out on a future date. Scheduling your messages is a great way to make sure you don’t miss any important dates. Birthday and anniversary wishes, annual notices, monthly payment and meeting reminders are all examples of the types of messages that are typically scheduled.

Personalised Group Sends

This is where the true efficiency lies. With an SMS platform, you can send out personalised messages to a group of contacts in one single send. It’s as simple as creating your message mapping the fields for the personalised info, making sure that the right fields are included in your import, and hitting send. Within seconds, each individual contact on your entire list will only receive the information that’s relevant to them.

Send Important Documents

Imagine being able to attach and send important documents like contracts, invoices and statements, and meeting agendas via SMS. With our Web App, you can. Attach different files ranging from PDFs or Word Documents, to JPEGs and MP3s to your SMS send - making sure that these important files are delivered straight into the hands of your customers. No more expensive printing bills.

Create exciting Mobile Landing Pages

Think of mobile landing pages as an interactive, digital poster. Whether to showcase a new product or promotion, or send out some imagery from your latest event, you can quickly and easily build a mobile landing page that delivers a visual experience to your contact.

SMS is such a reliable and cost-effective way to reach your community and customers. From planning sends in advance to sending important information to large groups at a time, an SMS platform gets the job done. To find out more about how SMS can save time and money for your organisation, sign up today.