Eight Ways SMS Assists in Online Sales

The e-Commerce industry is a diverse space filled with opportunity. According to an article on Lemonstand, the global e-commerce sector is a trillion dollar industry that is affording amazing long term opportunities for businesses who are willing to reinvent the retail experience online. This online experience is what really matters when it comes to driving traffic and making sales.

From the customer attraction, to the actual online shopping experience, straight through to the delivery; the processes involved needs to be seamless, secure and most importantly, retailers need to keep the customer happy. With so much riding on efficient delivery, reliable communication and ultimately, customer satisfaction, many key players in the industry have turned to SMS to help streamline their processes.

But how is SMS able to assist? In a few ways actually. We take a look at how SMS is securing, enhancing and enabling the online shopping experience.

1. Payment security

Security is one of the top priorities on any shoppers list. Customers want to know that their transactions are being handled with care and optimum security. One-time pins can be used to secure the payment process when a client is ready to finalise their purchase. In cases where “one-click” payment solutions are offered, one-time pins can be sent automatically via SMS in order to verify the transaction.

2. Shipping and delivery updates

Once an order has been placed, real-time notifications about shipping and expected delivery times can be sent to your customers via SMS. You can provide simple updates about the status of the shipment or delivery and inform clients of any delays or issues with their request.

SMS in the e-Commerce Industry

In the event that an order has been cancelled or the payment has not been made, an SMS message can be sent to the customer informing them of the cancellation and prompting them to reopen the order process.

3. Rescue abandoned shopping carts

For any e-Commerce site owner, there’s nothing quite as disappointing as having a customer fill up their shopping cart only to leave the site without buying a thing. If only there was a way to nudge them to make the purchase? Well, there is. SMS reminders can be sent reminding the customer about their shopping cart and prompting them to finalise their purchase.

4. Product launches

What better way to market a product launch than communicating with an already interested audience. SMS messaging allows you to communicate directly with your subscription list; informing them of new products and services. In some cases, mobi-gram messages can be used to add images or write-ups on your new product.

SMS in the e-Commerce Industry

5. Offer discounts

Discounts are a very effective way to build a subscription list and to get people talking about your brand. When visiting your e-Commerce platform for the first time, new customers can be prompted to enter their name and mobile number. Personalised SMS messages can then be sent to these clients, offering them a special discount on their first purchase, perhaps even the product they “almost” bought?

6. Provide Instant Customer Feedback

Providing a platform for your customer to communicate directly with you is vital to business growth and customer retention. Asking customers to respond to an SMS upon delivery, or at any point during the transaction, offers the opportunity for instant feedback. Enabling your customers to send their queries, concerns or feedback directly to you via SMS and receive an instant response directly to their phone is a very powerful customer retention tool.

7. Notifications that a desired product is now in stock

Giving your customers the ability to receive an SMS notification when a much desired item is once again in stock. For example, clients might want to receive notifications whenever the latest e-book from their favourite author becomes available, or when their requested shoe size is in stock.

8. Reminders about special occasions

For e-Commerce sites selling gifts or personalised packages for delivery, SMS reminders can be sent to previous buyers whenever the event is coming up again. Doing this not only prompts customers to use your service again but it also promotes great customer service.

The e-Commerce industry is a competitive space that relies heavily on effective communication with customers. From product promotion to engagement, for any e-Commerce organisation, customer interaction plays a vital role in customer satisfaction and business growth. With so much weighing on the effectiveness of communication, many players within the e-Commerce space have turned to SMS messaging as an invaluable communication tool. SMS messages are reliable, secure and delivered directly to the hands of the consumers. SMS is the ideal solution to provide constant communication between your online store and customers – both old and new.