Using the power of SMS for system alerts and monitoring

Have you heard about how beehives can communicate with beekeepers when the hives are too heavy? Or farmers being notified when their cattle are in trouble? Or what about the machines that let us know there’s a problem with one of their systems? These aren’t stories from the future. It’s happening now, and it’s happening via SMS.

And because we love SMS innovations like this, we thought we’d share some of our favourite stories where SMS is being used for system alerts and monitoring.

First up, we’ve got E-bee. E-bee is an app that allows beekeepers to monitor the happenings in their beehives remotely via a computer or mobile phone. When the system registers a fluctuation in the weight or temperature of a hive, an SMS message is automatically sent via the E-bee server to the beekeeper’s mobile phone, alerting them of the change and giving them the time and opportunity to go and investigate. Saving bee hives one SMS at a time!

Next, we’ve got a fleet management solution called NAE. Through the SMS integration with the Fleet Management System, whenever there is a system trigger like a vehicle speeding, excessive idling or harsh braking, an SMS alert is automatically sent to the relevant team members on site. These live updates are essential in ensuring the safety of the workers on-site and the longevity of the machinery.

And then, this farmer uses a tracking and farm management system to track of the movement of all his cows through a sensor worn around their necks. Whenever there is unusual movement, for example, when a cow is lying still for too long, or if they are moving too quickly, the sensor triggers an alert warning and an SMS is sent to his phone, again notifying the farmer to check on his herd. This helps minimise losses and he can keep an eye on the cows, even when he’s miles away!

Super Monitoring is an exciting innovation for the world of SaaS. This company monitors websites and applications for their availability, performance and proper functioning. If anything is wrong with a website, for example, if it’s unavailable, missing content, loading too slowly, a feature malfunctioning, or if the domain or SSL certificate has expired, an SMS message is triggered by the Super Monitoring server and sent to their client’s mobile phone, immediately alerting them of the issue.

Along those lines, Digimat is a cloud-based suite that offers software tools which work together to digitally control HVAC servers. This software is linked to a supervision platform (RWS) which constantly monitors the system’s performance and sends notifications if anything goes wrong. If a problem arises with one of the HVAC servers, an SMS message is automatically sent via the RWS supervision platform to the relevant HVAC operators or maintenance teams, alerting them immediately.

And on a more personal note, this homeowner is using SMS as part of his home automation system. Using the BulkSMS API, he gets SMS notifications whenever his home alarm system is triggered. This way, he can monitor his home even when his data connection is poor, and he doesn’t need to rely on the alarm company to tell him when something is up.

Why use SMS for system alerts?

It’s instant

Using our SMS API, unique triggers are set to ensure that critical and time-sensitive alerts reach the recipient’s phone in seconds. This minimises potential downtime and ensures that any issues can be resolved quickly.

It’s reliable

SMS is a dependable platform to use when sending out important information, making it the ideal tool for businesses to communicate time-sensitive information.

It’s ubiquitous

SMS is available on almost every mobile phone in the world. It also doesn’t require an internet connection and no apps need to be downloaded. This accessibility means that alerts can reach anyone regardless of their location or the type of device they are using, making SMS a versatile and inclusive communication tool.

SMS is an ideal communication channel for critical notifications and system monitoring. By integrating SMS into monitoring systems, downtime can be minimised and the impact on business operations reduced. Embracing SMS for system alerts is not just a technological choice; it is a strategic move toward efficient management. Get started with SMS today!