Use SMS to boost your business in 2022

2022 is in full swing which means one thing, it’s time to connect with your customers, boost your revenue, and make 2022 a year to remember. Many business owners using SMS find that the time saving benefit frees them up to focus on what really matters – the growth of their business. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some great tips, and they all use one simple tool - SMS!

1. Automate your business processes

Whether you need to monitor websites, track a herd of cattle, or communicate with off-site doctors, SMS can do it all! Using our SMS API, you can easily SMS-enable your website, application or customer relationship management platform. Not only does automation create seamless processes but is also frees up resources and manpower, it cuts down on costs, and it gives you and your employees more time to focus on growing your mini-empire.

2. Connect with customers personally

Your customers are the heartbeat of your business, so why not make them feel like it? Using SMS, you can send personalised messages to your customers whenever you see fit. Offer them discounts on items they love, invite your loyal customers to your next product launch, send them reminders about stock they’ve enquired about. The more you engage with your customers on a personal level, and offer them information that is relevant to them, the more they’ll trust and value what you have to offer.

Take a look at these SMS templates we’ve created to help you connect with your customers meaningfully.

3. Streamline your marketing strategy

Once you’ve got a database of interested customers, use SMS as part of your sales funnel. Whether you’re offering a new service, or you’re running a week of crazy deals, SMS is the perfect tool to keep your customers and clients up to date at all times. By engaging with your customers regularly, you’ll keep them in the loop, while making sure they remain loyal, paying customers.

To speed things up, you can even SMS enable your CRM system and automate the entire process.

4. Improve your customer service

Understanding what customers want, need and like can help business owners tailor their products, retain customers and increase customer lifetime value. This is exactly why feedback is so important.

With SMS, you can send short surveys and feedback requests straight to your customers. They can then respond directly to the SMS messages which allows for valuable insights into their needs and wants.

5. Nurture your leads

Looking to grow your business? Well, you need to nurture your leads and move them from interested customers to paying customers. One of the simplest ways to do this is by using SMS automation in your onboarding process. Whether you choose to SMS enable your CRM system using our API, or you use one of our already built integrations, SMS automation will ensure your customers are communicated with at every step of their journey with you.

Why SMS?

SMS is a powerful tool that can easily be integrated into your business processes to kickstart your growth. It’s versatile, cost-effective, and familiar. Ready to get started? Sign up today!