How to do bulk SMS marketing with

1. Build a database of interested customers

This would be a list of customers who actually want to hear from you (they’ve opted in!). The best way to do this is to keep them engaged with your brand with special offers, regular updates on products they’re interested in, discount codes, invitations, daily tips, etc. If you’re not sure how to get your customers to opt in, take a look at our guide to building an SMS database the right way.

2. Choose the right time to send

When sending SMS messages to your customers or potential clients, schedule your SMS messages to be sent at appropriate times during the day. In most countries, it is considered best practice to send messages during regular working hours.

3. Be creative

Keep your customers engaged! Whether you add a visual element or landing page to your marketing campaigns, do what you can to keep your clients or customers engaged with your brand.

4. Identify your brand

Identify yourself or your brand name in all of your SMS marketing sends! Whether you use a sender ID or simply add your brand name in each SMS that you send, make sure that your customers and clients know who they are receiving the messages from.

4. Explain how to opt-out

Tell your customers that replying “stop” or “unsubscribe” will ensure that they will no longer receive SMS messages from you. Make sure that you respect your customers’ request to opt-out by removing their contact details from your contact list. In cases where SMSes are not repliable (i.e. a message recipient cannot reply STOP), you will need to add a link to your outgoing SMS which, when clicked on, takes the message recipient to the BulkSMS Stop Page.

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