BulkSMS Text Messenger

Frequently Asked Questions

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*BulkSMS account required to send messages.

What are Country Codes?

Each country has a unique Country Code, ensuring that all mobile phone numbers will be routed to the intended recipients.

When sending a message to a mobile phone in another Country, the correct numerical prefix to the mobile phone number must be present before it can reach the intended recipient.

How Bulk SMS Text Messenger handles Country Codes for you?

The Country Code selected when installing Bulk SMS Text Messenger will be applied by default to all new and imported Contacts.

This feature has been designed to facilitate speed and ease of creating New Contacts, as the majority of New Contacts will be in the same Country.

How to handle mobile phone numbers for other Countries?

When the Contact is added to the Bulk SMS Text Messenger, select the Country from the menu in the "Create a New Contact" window.

The correct Country Code will automatically be saved with the Contacts details.

What are Contacts?

Contacts refer to the people and their mobile phone numbers which are stored in your Bulk SMS Text Messenger.

Contacts can be created in Bulk SMS Text Messenger, imported from your existing Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express Address Book, or imported from a text file.

Replies from messages?

Replies to messages sent from your Bulk SMS Text Messenger will appear in your in-box.

Messages can be forwarded or replied to, the same as in Outlook and Outlook Express.

How to Manage Contacts?

Clicking on "Contacts" in the Folder List will display the Contacts saved in Bulk SMS Text Messenger.

The icon in front of a Contact in the list indicates if the Contact was created in Bulk SMS Text Messenger or imported.

Right clicking on the Contact shows options for a "New message" to the Contact, or "Properties" of the Contact.

How to Manage Groups?

Clicking on "Groups" in the Folder list will display the Groups saved in Bulk SMS Text Messenger.

Right clicking on a group shows options for a "New message" to the Group, or "Open Group".

Clicking on Open Group displays the "Manage Group" window, where new Contacts can be added, imported or removed.

What are Flash Messages?

A Flash Message is a message which is displayed in the mobile phone screen of the Contact to whom the Flash message is sent, and is not stored in the inbox.

Flash is not supported by all mobile phones.