BulkSMS Business Solutions

BulkSMS offers the following SMS products and solutions for multiple account users:

Sponsor Credits

Have one main account controlling all credit purchases and allocating credits to sub accounts on a monthly basis.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits on an ad hoc basis from one BulkSMS account holder to another.

Bulk SMS Gateway API

The EAPI (Electronic Application Programming Interface) allows your organization to SMS enable your own applications or website.

BulkSMS Mobi-gram Messaging

This innovative messaging solution allows you to embed a link to rich content in your SMS communications so as to engage your customers with a dynamic brand experience.

Incoming long numbers

BulkSMS offers dedicated incoming long numbers (e.g. 44xxxxxxxxxx). These are standard rated long numbers available to customers wishing to receive Mobile Originating text messages Not available in all regions.

Managed SMS Services

BulkSMS is now offering a Managed SMS Service. This service is ideal for clients that send to large databases on an irregular basis and would prefer to outsource the actual sending.

Remember: Once you are using one BulkSMS product, you have access to them all! One username and password gives you access to all BulkSMS has to offer.